Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm starting a new Urdu Dictionary piece of the blog, with me saying a word in English and Urdu. First of this series will be in this post.

English Word: Jungle

Urdu: Jungle!

Fun Fact: Jungle was actually a word taken from the Hindi Urdu Language which is why we call it Jungle in Urdu as well!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey doston! Aaj bohot arsein ke baad aek post karne aya hoon! Mein aap ko aek latifa batata hoon.
Aek shagirad apna imtihaan deh ra ha ho ta hai. Aakree sawal pe wo atack jahta hai. Ye wohee sawal hai:   
Sawal: Don aek jaise parindein asman par urrahe hain, un mein se aek narr hai aur aik madda hai, ye batao ke unme sein kon sa narr hai aur kon sa madda? 
Woh kuch soch kar apna jawab lik ta hai. Ye hai uska jawab:
Jawab: Jo urraha hai narr hai aur jo urrahee hai woh madda!

I will post more jokes and poetry, riddles too! We're back in business!:D  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Muhammad Ka Rauza" - a Na'at by Sohaib

Dear friends,

I am sharing another na'at today. This na'at is read by my cousin Sohaib who lives in Canada. Originally, this na'at was read by Junaid Jamshed a famous personality of Pakistan (see the picture).

Paras aunty suggested that I should provide the meaning of some Urdu words. Here is my attempt (of course, with the help of my dad):

Words from my intro:
1. Phup-po: father's sister
2. Phup-pa: phup-po's husband
3. Chunni Munni: teeny tiny
4. Mash-hoor: famous
5. Shakh-siyat: personality

Words from na'at:
1. Rauza: grave (of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH))
2. Khadim: servant
3. Hifazat: protection
4. bulandi: height

Please do let me know if you like to find out meaning of any other words.

Thank you!

Listen to "Na'at"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A "Na'at" by my Dadee-Jaan

Today, I would like to share a "na'at" which is the praise of Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). This na'at is actually read by my grandmother from Pakistan. My dad recorded it through the phone.

Listen to "Na'at"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Hamd

Dear friends,

I made this blog for people who want to enjoy Urdu. I like to speak Urdu. I write and read Urdu, too. I want to tell you that if you speak Urdu, you can talk to many more people.

Today I want to share with you a Hamd. Hamd means praise of Allah.

Yours truly,
Humza Khan

Listen to "Hamd"

Friday, March 13, 2009

I love Urdu ...

Dear friends,

This is Humza! I am starting this website to share my love of Urdu with all of my friends. Here I will be posting poems, songs, jokes, and riddles ... all in the Urdu langauage! I will really like to find out what you would like to see on this page ... of cours, in urdu langauge :)